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“The PBF was God’s answer to a prayer for practical provision as I sought theological training. The fund enabled me to purchase books which could help me deepen my understanding of what a Particular Baptist (PB) is, and how a PB understanding of Scripture and Church practice is still relevant and important today. As a result of such support and training, I am now committed to PB principles and distinctives and seek, by the grace of God, to teach their importance today. I wholeheartedly commend the work of this important trust, believing they have a vital role to play in the support and encouragement of future men who will minister the inerrant Word of God in the days to come. May God bless the trust in its vision to support men who want to give their lives to building up the Church of Jesus Christ.”

Tom Allen, Pastor of Free Grace Baptist Church Belvedere, Kent/SE London

“I would like to thank the Particular Baptist Fund for all the support I received over the last year. The gift of £5000 was invaluable in helping me study at South Wales Bible College. I received a First Class Honours and I also received the ‘Thomas Phillips Award’ for best mark in Christian Doctrine. Being able to complete this undergraduate degree has led me to apply for a Masters in Theological Studies. In Wales fewer people are feeling God’s calling to the ministry and also fewer people are partaking in theological education. My hope is that God will use the gifts He has given me to enrich theological education in Wales. Thank you for all you support over the last year.”

Tomos Roberts-Young