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“After spending 10 years in the legal profession, I began exploring with my family and the elders of our church in Guildford whether it would be right for me to train for pastoral ministry. This was something I had hoped to do for a long time. In 2018, it was decided that we should indeed go, and we began searching for a suitable place to train and live.

With a young family to support and tuition fees to consider, additional financial support was a concern. After we concluded that Oak Hill College in London was the best option for us, we put together a budget and began to investigate what funding might be available. We have been very thankful for the support the Particular Baptist Fund has been able to offer us as we take prayerful steps towards serving the Lord in this way.

Thanks in no small part to this support, we are at Oak Hill and benefiting a great deal from it. Being able to engross myself in Homiletics, practical training for Independent Ministry, Systematic Theology, Church History, Biblical Studies, Greek and Hebrew, Apologetics, and other subjects (all with a strong practical and devotional focus) has been wonderful.”

Johan de-Jong

“I would like to thank the Particular Baptist Fund for all the support I received over the last year. The gift of £5000 was invaluable in helping me study at South Wales Bible College. I received a First Class Honours and I also received the ‘Thomas Phillips Award’ for best mark in Christian Doctrine. Being able to complete this undergraduate degree has led me to apply for a Masters in Theological Studies. In Wales fewer people are feeling God’s calling to the ministry and also fewer people are partaking in theological education. My hope is that God will use the gifts He has given me to enrich theological education in Wales. Thank you for all you support over the last year.”

Tomos Roberts-Young