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What we do

We give grants and loans for a variety of purposes, including the following key areas:

Mission Grants

We provide grants for new church plants and for churches in decline who are seeking to revive their work. We thoroughly investigate all proposals to ensure that the project is viable, culturally relevant and in tune with the Fund’s theological position. Grants of up to 80% of the cost of employing a pastor/evangelist are available for three years at a time. Further grants may be available but on a declining profile. Click here to see some of the church plants we have supported.

Educational Grants

We make grants of up to a maximum of £15,000 over the life of a course to students undertaking training for the pastoral ministry. We also make grants to full time ministers undertaking a course of further study which will help them in their work as pastors and one-off grants to those seeking to do guided Sabbatical study. Click here to read about students supported by the Fund.

Benevolent Grants

We make grants to retired full time pastors and their dependents who are on a low income and we may occasionally make grants to serving pastors in special financial need.

Special Projects Grant

We make grants of up to £5,000, to small churches, with an annual income of £50,000 or less, towards the acquisition of equipment which will enable them to reach out to the people around them in a culturally appropriate way. (This grant is not for help with ongoing maintenance or running costs.) Projects we have supported range from dishwashers for a breakfast ministry to minibuses for youth work.

Building Project Loans

We provide interest free loans to churches who are undertaking a building project. This includes extensions, improvements, or new purchases of church buildings or manses. The loan must be between £25,000 and £50,000 with regular repayments over 10 years. We hope to show some photographs of some of the work which the Fund has helped to finance shortly.

If you are interested in applying for one of these grants, please email the Secretary at info@pbfund.org.uk